• Zeally Bay 1940s

    Zeally Bay 1940s

  • St Helliers Guest House

    St Helliers Guest House

  • Scammell


  • Torquay Life Saving 1920

    Torquay Life Saving 1920

  • Surf Beach Torquay Hotel BG

    Surf Beach Torquay Hotel BG

  • Palace Hotel cira 1891

    Palace Hotel cira 1891

  • Payne Store Gilbert St

    Payne Store Gilbert St

  • Front Beach Early 1900s

    Front Beach Early 1900s

  • Hot Water Depot Spring Creek

    Hot Water Depot Spring Creek

  • Front Beach cira 1860

    Front Beach cira 1860

Torquay & District Historical Society Inc
EST. 2000

Our aim with this website is to provide the community with a resource of the material we cave collected and collated since the inception of the Torquay & District Historical Society. We will be uploading images, videos articles and other collected materials about the history and the people of the area.

Please feel free to contact us via email, telephone or Facebook. Alternatively drop by to view our material, contribute material, check out the current exhibitions or just have a cuppa and a chat. New members are welcome. See the details below.

Watch this space!


Our vision is to be totally integrated in the life and interest of the community as a resource to inspire, educate and inform the community and visitors about Torquay and the district thereby contributing to the conservation of the history and heritage of the district.


To be the focal point for preserving the ongoing heritage of Torquay and the surrounding district. We will support this mission through

  • public education programs, sharing and preserving stories from Torquay’s past;
  • maintaining historical artefacts, collections and a district research centre;
  • promoting the preservation of historic buildings and sites; and
  • by partnering with local and regional institutions.

Our Activities

  • Genealogy
  • Cataloguing our collection
  • Public exhibition
  • Media presentations
  • Public presentations
  • Newspaper articles
  • Public speaking
  • Interviews of our older residents


  • Light Hose Brigade & WWI Honour Roll
  • Heritage locations – heritage walk
  • The Scammell
  • D’s Club
  • Torquay Primary School
  • Torquay Surf Life Saving Club
  • Heritage Locations
and many more projects…



    The Old Torquay Police Station
    18 Price St Torquay, 3228


    2:00pm – 4:00pm Sunday
    Our events are advertised on Facebook


    7:30pm on the last Monday of the month